Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Secret Nude Photos of John

Taken from Jfk Jr. By Stephen Spignesi

I can sense the ladies (and not a few men, I would guess) salivating already; Yes full frontal nude photos of John F. Kennedy Jr. exist, although they have not (yet) been published.

Shortly after his thirtieth birthday in 1990 John vacationed on the island of St. Bart's in the French West Indies where he swam and walked around on the Governor's beach completely naked. A New York travel agent named Shelby Shusteroff who was also vacationing there, recognized him and took his picture. She has reportedly refused huge amounts of money for the nude pictures. Several people have acknowledged being shown the shots in private. Ms. Shusteroff has said that the pictures were not taken for financial gain (apparently just for her own delight).


Whether or not the nude photographs of John will ever be published remains to be seen. Shusteroff has been steadfast in her refusal to sell them and yet, things happen. Unless she burns the pictures and the negatives, there is always a chance that someday they will appear in print. Since John's nude romp on Governors Beach, no one has reported catching him naked, although he has been shirtless in public many times in the past few years. He has however kept his pants on (at least while in the public eye)


Alright ladies...let out those sighs now.


Shana said...

Although I respect his and all public figures right to privacy, I have to say that seeing those pics would probably give me a heart attack! I couldn't resist looking IF they were to ever surface!